Open Bin File

Some downloaded files come with the .BIN extension name and become a hard feat to open since using the good old WinRar does not work here. These files can contain different types of data; texts, images, videos, applications, and so on. which are important to you. The good news is that there are ways to open BIN file, and all you need is to understand it and to have the right program.

Whether you have this file on your phone or on your computer, it is time to learn what it is and how to open and manipulate your Bin files.

What is .BIN File Extension

BIN file extension represents files whose contents are stored in a binary format. Even though these files are stored in a binary format, they are not intended to be read as text files but rather by specific programs. These files are designed for disc storage and not to be opened as digital format hence; the difficulty you are experiencing while trying to open them.

How to Open Bin File

Your BIN file might have some security protection and to be able to open it, you first have to break through that. In cases like these, you might consider getting a digital format, however with old games or applications, that might not be an option.

How to Open BIN File

There are different ways to open BIN files, the easiest of which is by using programs that the files were designed for. If this is the case, you can simply double click on the icon to open the file. Normally, if you have the program installed, it will be automatically affiliated and open.

However, automatic affiliation is not always done, so, you can select a program for this operation manually by right-clicking, going to ‘open with’ and then selecting yours. However, this is only possible when you know the intended program, and when you have it installed.

Most times, you will have to use the method of burning your file into a virtual disc and running it. For this, you’ll need the cue file (this is normally in the same folder with your .bin file) and then follow the instructions below. If you do not have a cue file, look at the FAQ section to find out how you can create one.

Method 1: Burn the file to an actual disc

There are selected programs that support burning .BIN files and you need to have one of these installed on your device beforehand. If you do not already, you can pause the process to get one of them. Examples are CDRWIN, Nero, or Alcohol 120%. Otherwise, open the program for burning the file.

Step 1: Load the file

Click on the ‘load’ tab, it will open up a window for you to select your file after which you’ll wait for it to load. Every program is slightly different therefore, there is no single way you can go about loading your file. However, they are self-explanatory i.e. you will know what to click to load your file. Most especially, you will know which file format you are expected to load (.bin or CUE) and you only have to follow the prompt. The CUE file should already be located in the same folder as your .bin file for this to work.

Step 2: Burn to disc

Insert an empty disc and click on the burn tab. It is vital that the capacity of the disc is enough to carry the loaded file. You can know the file size after loading in the previous step because it will be displayed in one of the tabs. Compare it to the capacity of your disc to know if they fit. If everything is alright, proceed to burn the file. This process will take a while depending on your system speed and the size of the file, you need to be patient

Step 3: Test the file

Remember that .bin files are designed to work on discs, you have successfully taken it back to its intended drive. At this point, you can test the file by playing the disc how it is meant to. This depends on the file, and what the developers intended it for. If it can be played on your computer, you can simply load it into yours and test it. Otherwise, you will need to load it into its intended device.

Method 2: Mounting the file

In the absence of a disc and it’s intended device, an alternative is to mount the file. Here you are trying to make the file seem like it is being read from a disc, then you can open the file on your computer.

Step 1: Open the virtual driver

Double-click on the Virtual driver’s icon to open it. If you do not already have one, you’ll need to download one of the virtual driver software. There are some options available for you like WinCDEmu, Daemon Tools Lite, gBurner virtual drive, etc. What these do is, they act as an optical drive so that your computer thinks a disc has been inserted. However, these virtual drivers only read ISO file formats and you will have to convert the BIN file to ISO first with a converter.

Step 2: Convert from Bin to ISO

  • Open the WinBIN2ISO Converter or any other you are using.
  • Select your intended formats from the tools option.
  • Now select your BIN file.

Convert BIN to ISO

  • On the next option enter Target location and click on the Convert.

In some cases, you might be asked to rename your new ISO file before conversion. There are free and paid converters, if this is a one-time process for you, a free converter can suffice. But, if it’s something you might be doing often, consider getting a paid Bin to ISO converter. With a converter like WinBin2ISO, and MagicISO you can easily convert your files.

Step 3: Mount the file

From your virtual driver interface, you’ll find a prompt to mount the ISO file, click on it. Usually, you might see fake CD drives showing when you go to ‘my computer’, you will need to select one of them as a destination drive to mount to. Make sure that you know the name of the drive selected for the mount since you will have to open it afterward

Step 4: Load the disc

What you need to do now is load the disc by double-clicking on the drive from ‘my devices’. A disc will only load if the contents of the initial file were designed to run on a computer. Otherwise, you will have to burn it to an actual disc to access it from the intended device driver.

However, if exploring the file was your intention, you didn’t have to mount it. Windows computers can read ISO file format, so you can explore a file right after converting to the ISO format or you can use the conversion program to open it.

To use the conversion software, right-click on the file and select ‘open with’ option, then scroll down to find the software.

Please Note

Your CUE and .bin file must be in the same folder before you proceed with the directions given above. Note that opening the .bin file does not change the design of the contents, therefore, if the contents are not designed for your system, it will not run even after opening. Then, you’ll have to run it in the compatible driver/system.


How to Open .Bin file on Android?

Downloaded applications sometimes appear on your phone as Bin files rather than as .apk files. There are bin programs that can help you manage and access files like these, you can install them on your device. A second option is to connect your android to your computer and proceed to change it from a .bin extension to a .apk extension. If it is not an APK file and you are unsure of the file type, then a Bin manager is your best option.

Can I convert Bin to MP4:

When videos save on your device as bin files, you can convert them to mp4 file format with the help of a bin file converter. You just need to install the converter and follow the steps.

How to convert BIN file?

Bin files can be converted using a converter either on your phone or on your computer.

How to create a CUE file?

The CUE file is a text file and you can create one from your notepad. Create a new text and enter these: FILE “xxxxxx.bin” BINARY (xxxxxx stands for the name your bin file) TRACK 01 MODE1/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00 Afterward, save it in the same folder as your bin file but with a .cue extension name.

How can I install a Bin file game?

You can install a bin file game by mounting it and then loading the file on a computer or using a bin manager to access the APK file on your phone.

Can I use WinRar to open my Bin file?

No, you cannot use WinRar to open a .bin file extension, however, there are several programs you can use like the MagicISO.


In conclusion, to open Bin file, you need to convert it to a format that can be mounted and accessed on your device. Depending on your device, you will need a conversion program or a bin file manager can help you with that. Afterward, you can access the contents of the file to extract documents or you can proceed to install applications. All you need is the above guide to see you through every step of the way.